Highland Harvesters

Business as Missions

When the Brittons moved to Ethiopia, they had no idea the journey the Lord had for them.  Shortly after they moved, they were informed that due to policy changes within Ethiopia, in order to stay in the country, they had to start a business to help improve economic health of the country.  What initially was a major stress, has turned into a great opportunity to influence many more people for Jesus.

After much prayer, God connected the Brittons with a group called Highland Harvesters.  The goal of this group is to use localized business as a vehicle to spread the gospel and enhance the world around them. 

The current project is an apple farm in Chencha, Ethiopia.  The farm is providing employment opportunity in the area for the workers to provide for their family.  It will provide economic stability and resources to the people of Ethiopia.  It is also providing the Brittons great opportunity to share the life changing message of the gospel with their workers and their families.  In fact, several workers have accepted Jesus and been baptized already.  

The goal is to create sustainable financial resources that will be used to help support organizations like Shalom and enable less dependency on support from the U.S.